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29er Worlds


Bethwaite 360 is in the final stages of finalising the arrangements for the 2017 Long Beach-USA Open 29er World Championships where we are assisting 12 boat owners to purchase brand new boats, transport those boat from Newcastle UK, to LB – USA and on to HK so they can compete in both world championships.    It has not been without complications, we initially offered charter boats, but that had to be withdrawn for many localised reasons, and we have ended up over subscribed, as in we can only fit 12 boats into a 40ft HC container, so to accept 13 or 14 boats would have blown the logistics cost out for everyone.    We have learnt a lot from the exercise.

With the experience of LB, we are now open to accepting requests for boats for the 2018 Hong Kong Open World Championships.

We are at present offering 2 levels of support, and hope to offer a 3rd once matters become clearer.  More on that later in this offer, and as well we are offering the boats for sale after the event.

Offer #1, is exactly the same arrangement that exists presently for LB, but this would be solely for the HK Worlds, that is supply of a brand new boat, complete, ex Newcastle UK, delivered into Repulse Bay HK, in time to compete in the new boat in the warm up events and also the World Championships.

The price for this boat will be $USD11,300 inclusive of all shipping and import costs to HK.  Click here for link to Purchase Order Form.

Offer #2, is the charter boat option, that we initially offered for LB but had to withdraw.

The offer is to supply a completely new 29er, excluding sails & trapeze rings, but otherwise complete for $USD3,500 delivered to HK to charter for the warm-up races and the World championships.  Charter order form is available here.

The 3rd offer is dependent on World Sailing and Ovington Boats.    At this stage, we can’t get confirmation out of World Sailing so other than advising that it may happen, we presently are not comfortable in being definitive about this opportunity.

If it did happen, then, it is our expectation that we would be offering the use of the Sanya Youth Worlds 29ers for charter at the HK worlds.    The price will be approximately $USD2,800 (excluding sails) and will be for the World Championships ONLY.  (We believe it’s highly unlikely that the boats will be available in time for the warm-up races.)

For this to happen, WS need to confirm that they can get the boats to HK in a suitable time and confirmation from WS that these boats can then go onto Texas and be used in the 2018 Youth Worlds.

Post 2018 HK worlds, Offer #4.   We will be offering the boats supplied in Offer #2 for sale, after the event at a price of $USD7,500 (without sails).    Greater discounts are available in multiples of 4.

We are presently accepting requests of interest, in #1, #2 and #4 on a first-in, first-served basis.

Please contact us for terms and conditions, and to place a 10% deposit to secure your slot!


Sails – either as a complete suit or as separate items – are also available for purchase.  They will be available for collection at the Royal Hong Kong YC in December 2017.  The prices will be at a 10% discount of Ovington Boats Export price.  29er (&49er) sails are made in Shenzhen China, and shipped through HK, therefore we have almost zero logistics costs and can pass this saving onto you as the consumer.   It is only for sails purchased and picked up in HK and only for the duration of the the HK events in December/January 2017-18

For any further inquiries, please email Nicky Bethwaite or call +61 (0) 414 901 309.