Bethwaite360 | Logistics
Bethwaite360 is committed to supplying all components of high performance sailing, specialising in 49ers, 49erFX, 29ers, Tasars and Lasers – boats and parts. We will supply and deliver to all countries at the best price and will ensure prompt service and delivery.
Sailing Equipment, Sails, Spars, 49ers, 49erFX, 29ers, Tasars, Lasers, Foils, Ropes
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Bethwaite360 aims to provide South East Asia, Japan, China, South America, the Gulf States and southern Africa with the same access to high performance boat parts as is already available in the UK, Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand.  Sourced direct to you from the manufacturers, saving time and money, our commitment is to enable you to compete at the top by providing access to the best equipment in an economic and timely way.

Simply order the product that you require, pay with credit card via PayPal and we will organise the delivery for you via FedEx International Freight.  When ordering, we will need your delivery details.  Please note that all customs and tax charges will be paid by you.  If you have any queries or special requirements, please email us at

All orders from the SE Asian region (including China, Japan and India) over a total of US$1,000 (may be made up of several items but excludes partial or complete boats) will be shipped free at the Non Urgent rate (3-5 days delivery time).

If we receive orders from UK, Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand, we will refer them to the licensee for those regions to supply you.  However, if they cannot supply then we will happily do this for you.