Does JB still go sailing?
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Does JB still go sailing?

Does JB still go sailing?

The most asked question of last week.

Absolutely, I was on the water on Wednesday and Sunday last week and that’s about normal, plan on sailing tomorrow again, both times on Farr 40s, Wednesday on Exile and Sunday on Estate Master.   Also will be sailing a TP52 on Saturdays when I return from Medemblik (Netherlands).

Over the last 5 years I’ve been sailing multihulls quite a lot, OMR type, 32ft LOA, 27ft Beam, 50ft mast, boat called Trilogy, have had a lot of fun and quite a bit of success in it.

Also some classic boat sailing, 57ft Alden ketch call Wraith of Oden.      Plenty of Laser sailing in the last year, but that’s another story.

And I presently have a 49er on its way to Australia which should be here in September.   Looking fwd to that.   29er wise, last time I sailed one was in Shanghai, last year.

Julian Bethwaite

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