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Bethwaite360 is committed to supplying all components of high performance sailing, specialising in 49ers, 49erFX, 29ers, Tasars and Lasers – boats and parts. We will supply and deliver to all countries at the best price and will ensure prompt service and delivery.
Sailing Equipment, Sails, Spars, 49ers, 49erFX, 29ers, Tasars, Lasers, Foils, Ropes
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International 49er & 49erFX Association – www.49er.org

International 29er Association – www.29er.org

International Tasar Association – www.tasar.org

World Sailing – www.sailing.org

Ovington Boats (licensee for UK & Europe) – www.ovingtonboats.com

Mackay Boats (licensee for NZ) – www.mackayboats.com

NB Sailsport (licensee for Australia) – www.nbsailsports.com.au

West Coast Sailing located in Portland, Oregon (licensee for North America) – www.westcoastsailing.net

Pitch Pole Skiff Products Inc. located in Montreal, Canada (licensee for North America) – www.49er.ca

Zim Sailing located in Warren, Rhode Island (licensee for North America) – www.zimsailing.com